Boxing Shorts Supplier

Welcome to Boxing Shop USA, your trusted wholesale boxing shorts supplier. As pioneers in bulk manufacturing, we utilize advanced techniques to guarantee premium quality in every boxing product. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a boxing novice, our shorts are crafted to enhance your in-ring experience.

Blending style with functionality, our wholesale boxing collection caters to male and female beginners or seasoned fighters. At Boxing Shop USA, we merge fashion with sports, allowing you to shine in the ring with our custom designs. Dive into our range of top boxing shorts and find the perfect fit for your athletic journey.  We can customize logos, names, and emblems on our wholesale fight wear for club and gym owners to show their unique identity

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Bulk Orders for Boxing Shorts

Catering to both men and women, we are a top boxing trunk supplier in the industry. Our bulk boxing apparels production expertise ensures that every piece resonates with quality. With our dedication to craftsmanship, we’re proud to be your trusted source for wholesale boxing shorts.

Premium Quality Fabric

Our high-quality boxing shorts utilize cutting-edge, breathable fabrics that help deliver athletic performance. These shorts actively wick away moisture, ensuring professional boxers stay dry and comfortable throughout their training sessions. Being experienced in manufacturing boxing equipment, including boxing gloves and shorts, our innovative fabrics efficiently manage sweat and heat. This helps maintain optimal body temperature so athletes can focus on their techniques without distractions.

Durable and Comfortable Fit

Our shorts combine durability and unmatched comfort to cater to athletes and boxing enthusiasts. Our experts make these shorts to withstand the demands of training sessions and fights. Each pair reflects our commitment to quality and style, making them essential to every athlete’s attire. 

Empowering Your Moves

In designing our combat sport shorts, we prioritize freedom of movement. We understand how crucial it is for boxers to have mobility during their bouts or training sessions. So, our shorts offer a non-restrictive fit. This exceptional design allows boxers to move freely, pivot, and execute techniques flawlessly.


For those in search of wholesale boxing shorts that blend exceptional quality, the convenience of bulk availability, and a touch of style, Boxing Shop USA stands as your ultimate destination. We provide an ultimate wholesale boxing equipment solution for both kids and adults. Elevate your training routine and boost your performance with our top boxing shorts.

Minimum Order Quantity Applicable


1- What is the minimum order quantity of shorts for boxing?

Our minimum order quantity is as low as 10 units per order. You can select sets of different sizes or short colors for bigger orders to get wholesale prices.

2- Can I order these boxing shorts in bulk quantities?

Yes, we specialize in bulk production. You can order large quantities of high-quality boxing shorts and other boxing accessories.

3- Are these training shorts suitable for professional fighters and enthusiasts?

Our wholesale boxing shorts manufacturing range caters to both professionals and enthusiasts, providing top-notch performance and comfort for all levels of boxing.

4- Do these boxing shorts offer a comfortable fit?

We believe in inclusivity. So, our training shorts’ elastic waistbands and loose-fit design offer flexibility in sizing, ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of body types.

5- Are these boxing shorts durable?

Being experienced in the field, our craftsmen make boxing shorts equipment with reinforced stitching and use sturdy materials. This ensures durability and longevity, ensuring the shorts withstand rigorous training demands.