Wholesale Boxing Gloves Supplier

Welcome to Boxing Shop USA’s premium collection of wholesale boxing gloves. As a reputable manufacturer and factory, we take pride in offering top-quality gloves that cater to both businesses and individual enthusiasts. With a focus on bulk production and exceptional craftsmanship, our gloves are designed to elevate your training and performance. 

Enhancing Training with Bulk Production

We craft bulk boxing gloves with extreme attention to detail. Our wholesale production capabilities allows us to offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you’re a gym owner, club owner, trainer, or a fighter seeking high-volume padding or wrist support gloves, we have you covered that too with safety considerations. 

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Quality Craftsmanship for Businesses and Enthusiasts

When you choose our boxing gloves and other wholesale boxing equipment, you’re choosing the products that are a cut above the rest. Our focus on manufacturing ensures that each pair is made to withstand the rigorous demands of training and competition. From the stitching to the padding, every element is carefully considered to deliver optimal comfort, protection, and performance. Businesses can trust our gloves to impress their customers, while individuals can experience the benefits firsthand.

Sourcing and Safety

For those in the market looking for large quantities of gear, wholesale boxing equipment suppliers and or wholesale boxing gloves manufacturers, boxing shop USA is the go to source. We offer a range of quality boxing products, including bulk boxing gloves and pads, tailored to meet the demands of boxing schools, gyms, and retail businesses.

Opting for quality manufacturers is essential not only for durability but also for the safety of the athletes. As with all boxing equipment, ensuring gloves and pads have proper padding and wrist support is paramount to minimize the risk of injuries during training and competition. Our boxing gloves range includes;

  • Training gloves
  • Sparring gloves
  • Competition gloves

Advantages of Bulk Boxing Glove Order

We are one of the best boxing glove manufacturers in the USA. Bulk boxing gloves buying offers several advantages; 

  • Our cost-effective pricing allows businesses to stock up on quality gloves without breaking the bank. 
  • Variety of styles and sizes at our store ensure you can cater to different skill levels and preferences. Personalized boxing gloves in bulk are available by our wholesale suppliers. Whether you need classic designs or modern custom innovations, our selection has it all. 
  • Our gloves can be made with custom themes, including logos or branding, giving businesses a unique edge.


We are the top-notch wholesale boxing gear suppliers. With our bulk boxing gloves and pads, we reflect the expertise of our manufacturers and the dedication of a factory. As you explore our range of boxing gloves wholesale, remember that quality, affordability, and variety are the pillars of our offering. Whether you’re looking to stock your gym or enhance your personal training sessions, Boxing Shop USA has the gloves you need. Choose excellence, choose performance, and choose us for all your wholesale boxing glove needs.

Minimum Order Quantity Applicable


1- What is the minimum order quantity for boxing gloves in wholesale?

Our minimum order quantity for bulk boxing gloves is set at a reasonable 10 units per order. This ensures that you can access quality gloves in bulk without overcommitting.

2- Do you offer international shipping for wholesale orders?

Yes, we provide international shipping for our bulk boxing gloves. Order now in bulk to get the best wholesale pricing.

3- Do you offer a variety of sizes and styles for wholesale gloves?

Yes, our wholesale boxing gloves collection offers a diverse range of sizes and styles to cater to different preferences and skill levels that too at an affordable price.

4- What quality standards do your boxing gloves meet?

Our boxing gloves meet rigorous quality standards. As a leading boxing manufacturer and factory, we ensure that every pair of gloves, gear and apparel crafted with precision, using top-quality materials that provide comfort, durability, and protection.