Wholesale Boxing Gear

At Boxing Shop USA, we have premium collection of wholesale boxing gear at amazing price. As one of the top rated gear manufacturer and supplier all across the globe, we produce extraordinary variety of boxing equipments to elevate your training sessions and performance. Get ready to use our gears that meet the demands of professional fighters and enthusiasts in combat sports.

Elevating Your Boxing Experience:

Our boxing gear is a testament to unparalleled quality. It endures the rigors of intense training and demanding matches. We use high  quality materials in each piece to ensure durability, safety, and optimal performance.

We take pride in providing boxing enthusiasts with sports wholesale of the highest standards. It empowers the boxers to pursue their passion with confidence and excellence.

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Key Elements of Our Wholesale Boxing Gear Collection

Enter the realm of premium boxing gear supplies and unlock your true potential. As an esteemed distributor of professional gears, our extensive range encompasses all you need, from boxing gloves and protective gear to essential training equipment.

    • Boxing gloves: They amplify your striking power and provide essential hand protection, ensuring durability and comfort during training and matches.
    • Protective Gear: Equip yourself with headgear for added safety, mouthguards for oral protection, and other necessary safeguards that keep you secure during intense sessions.
    • Performance Attire: Our functional boxing apparel offers comfort and performance enhancement, allowing you to focus solely on your training and matches.
    • Training Essentials: These essentials include speed bags for enhanced precision, heavy bags to build strength, and other training tools contributing to well-rounded skill development.
    • Corner Support: Corner support with vital supplies provides care when needed. It keeps boxers hydrated with accessible water bottles, and optimizes their corner for strategic advantages.

A Glimpse into Our Wholesale Offerings

Discover the world of boxing gears that meets the demands of aspiring boxers, gym owners, and retailers. Our commitment to being a premier manufacturer reflects in our offerings, featuring bulk production, stringent quality assurance, and the possibility of color variations.


Equip yourself with the equipment that champions rely on and confidently step into the ring. Discover our extensive collection of wholesale boxing gear now and experience the difference that premium gear can make.


What training essentials do you offer in your boxing equipment range?

We provide an array of training essentials, including speed bags, heavy bags, and various training tools for practice and fighting sessions.

Are you a boxing gear manufacturer or a third-party seller?

Yes, we’re the original manufacturer and supplier of customized boxing gear all over the world. No middlemen here.

What types of boxing equipment in bulk are available?

Our wholesale offerings encompass a wide range of boxing equipment, including gloves, protective gear, training essentials, and more.

Are there color variations available for the boxing gear items?

We strive to offer color variations for certain items within our wholesale boxing gear collection. Please inquire for specific details.