Wholesale Boxing Equipment

Explore the premium boxing gear designed at Boxing Shop USA factory and unveil an extraordinary array of wholesale boxing equipment to amplify your trainings and fight performances. As a leading supplier in the world of combat sports, our collection caters to every boxer’s needs – from toddlers, men, women, beginners, to seasoned professionals. Schools, clubs, and individuals alike can experience the fusion of performance, size variety, vibrant colors. Dive in and enjoy swift shipping for high quality boxer equipment at competitive and affordable wholesale prices.

Trusted Boxing Equipment Manufacturer

Our manufacturing units controls the entire process of equipment design, manufacturing and quality assurance. We produce high-quality wholesale boxing equipment, establishes us as a trusted wholesale supplier. Our skilled craftsmen design each sportswear wholesale gear and equipment, ensuring they meet rigorous quality standards.

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Premium Boxing Supplies

As a trusted manufacturer boxing supplies, we offer a comprehensive selection that includes everything from gloves and protective gears to the sports world; for men, women and kids.

  • Boxing Gloves: These gloves amplify your striking power and provide essential hand protection, ensuring durability and comfort during training and matches.
  • Protective Gear: Equip yourself with headgear for added safety, mouth guards for oral protection, and other necessary safeguards that keep you secure during intense sessions.
  • Performance Attire: Our functional boxing apparel offers comfort and performance enhancement, allowing you to focus solely on your training and matches.
  • Training Essentials: Hone your precision with speed bags, build strength with heavy bags, and explore various training tools contributing to well-rounded skill development.
  • Corner Support: Corner support with vital cutman supplies provides care when needed, keeps boxers hydrated with accessible water bottles, and optimizes their corner for strategic advantages.

These items, meticulously crafted and designed, play a crucial role in enhancing your training sessions and ensuring your success in the ring.

Wholesale Boxing Equipment Warehouse

No more hunting for boxing supplies near you – we bring the warehouse to your fingertips. We take pride in being your one-stop destination for all things boxing. Whether you’re searching for boxing cutman supplies or specific gear for your boxing corner, our extensive inventory ensures you’ll find exactly what you need.



Elevate your training, elevate your matches, and elevate your passion with our premium wholesale boxing equipment. From beginners stepping into the ring for the first time to seasoned professionals aiming for greatness, we engineer our collection to empower your boxing journey. Equip yourself with the tools of champions and unleash your true potential in the ring. Browse our collection now and gear up for success!


Can I purchase various sizes or colors of a specific product in one bulk order?

Certainly! We provide options to customize your bulk order with a variety of sizes, colors, and designs for our boxing equipments.

I need wholesale boxing equipment for my gym. Do you cater to large orders?

Absolutely! We love helping gyms gear up. Let us know the quantity of equipment you are looking for. Also list down what sort of gears you need, and we will take care of it.

Are you a manufacturer or a third-party seller?

Yes, we have own our factory where we have capacity to fulfill bulk orders. There is no third-man in the entire process.