Micro Mitts Leather – Black/Grey

  • Standard sizing
  • Comfortable grip
  • Breathable, sweat-absorbing fabric
  • High-resistant shock absorption
  • Ultimate protection
  • Added wrist support
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These micro mitts are engineered to help fighters improve their speed and accuracy for punching and striking without hurting the trainer in any way. They have a curved design with quality padding inside to ensure a comfortable grip and optimal protection. These standard-sized micro mitts can fit all types of hands in their hand compartment. These pads are made of genuine leather and designed to act as an extension of the trainers’ hands and offer a target surface for the trainee to practice for the game. These mitts are ideal to enhance punching and striking precision, timings, and speed. With these mitts in the trainer’s hands, the fighter does not have to worry about hurting the trainer by their fast punching.

These micro mitts offer extra support to the wrists and prevent the ligaments and joints of the wrists from getting dislocated due to the impact of punches and strikes by demonstrating the ultimate shock-absorbing abilities. It is particularly designed in such a way to minimize the impact of hard punches on the trainer’s hands or wrists to avoid any potential damage or impairments. The comfortable grip allows training for longer spans of time without any discomfort or nuisance.

These micro mitts are available in classic black and grey colors offering elegance and style all at the same time. You can get custom micro mitts made over here. These micro focus pads are made of the best quality material that ensures durability and multi-range protection. They are lined with moisture-wicking fabric to help keep the skin cool and dry. The fabric also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties to avoid any infections on the hands. It makes it safe and comfortable to wear these micro focus mitts for longer spans of time. These wholesale micro mitts are available at affordable prices. Shop bulk micro mitts made of genuine leather here.

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