Gel Wraps – Black/Grey

  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Superior wrist support
  • Exemplary molding for a perfect and custom fit of your hand
  • Customizable fit for comfort and support
  • Long-lasting, durable and sustainable investment  
  • Elevated protection that puts the combatant at ease
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Our Gel Hand-Wraps are exclusively designed for elevated comfort and protection. Excellent for a sure grip and grappling while providing wrist support. The deluxe quality gel material dissipates impact energy and provides protection for knuckles, and metacarpals during combat.

Our boxing gel wraps provide maximum joint protection, cushioning, and support so the fighter can concentrate on his game without worrying about any injuries.

Their easy-to-assemble feature provides no-hassle wear inside the gloves. Moreover, our gel wraps are made up of superior quality raw materials which makes them a long-term investment that you can keep in your boxing kit. This sustainable quality unified with an advanced design makes our gel wraps unmatched when it comes to quality and longevity.

Gel wraps for boxing are an excellent alternative to regular hand wraps and provide amplified protection to the fighter. Moreover, they can be worn on their own without gloves for light bag work. Gel boxing wraps are an excellent way to increase your level of protection as you can put your whole focus and determination on the game without being intimidated.

These gel wraps in come two color variants i.e. black or grey which are perfect for those who like classic and timeless things without any added extra pomp and show. The gender-neutral colors make them perfect for both men and women fighters.

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