Focus Mitts Leather – Matte Black

  • Size: Standard
  • Made of 100% genuine leather
  • Comfortable grip
  • Additional wrist support
  • Maximum shock absorption and wrist protection
  • Great for improving precision, technique, and footwork
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These focus mitts made of genuine leather in a matte black finish are the best choice for you. They are made to provide you with the best training experience, helping in improving the striking accuracy, timing, and footwork of your training partners. The padding offers maximum shock absorption and protection from heavy punches. It has a lining that effectively absorbs any moisture on the skin and prevents bacterial infections and odors due to sweating. These focus pads are great for high-speed training as well. Let your training partners hit the focus mitts as hard as they can so they can prepare for the fight in the best possible way.

Along with the protection of the joints, muscles, and bones present in the hands, these focus pads also help in protecting the wrist by providing additional support. A comfortable grip is guaranteed to provide a smoother training experience even if it is spread over long spans of time. The padding is strong enough to reduce the impact of even the hardest of punches resulting in minimal discomfort for both the coach and training partner at all times.      

If you love classic pieces, this one is for you. Matte black focus mitts made of genuine leather are available in standard sizing, perfect for pulling off an elegant look for your training sessions. If you have been looking for the best options for focus mitts near me, this is the right place for you. These focus mitts are bound to last you longer because they are made of pure leather that is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Here you can also get your custom focus mitts by getting any logos, text, or pictures printed on them. 



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