Boxing Sparring Gloves Lace Up – Black/Gold

  • Weight: 40z to 20oz
  • Lace-up closure system
  • Optimal protection for hands and wrists
  • Classic, trendy, and stylish look
  • Cushioning lined with sweat-absorbing fabric
  • Maximum shock absorption for heavy punching
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Whether you are passionate about classic sparring gloves or you are more into modern and contemporary style gloves with a touch of class and style, we have got you covered. Enter the ring with full confidence with these sparring boxing gloves available in black and gold. These gloves will enhance your elegance and boost your performance like none other. With the ultimate power in your punches, these gloves make the best choice for the purpose of sparring.

These sparring gloves boxing are designed to provide you with all the protection that your hands need. With additional support and protection to the wrist, these gloves also help keep the muscles, joints, and bones of your hand in place and prevent them from dislocating due to heavy punching and striking. The padding in the MMA sparring gloves absorbs any shocks effectively and reduces the impact of heavy blows to a great extent while providing complete protection to the fighter’s hands. The padding is lined with a sweat-absorbing fabric that keeps the skin cool and dry during sweating and reduces the risk of any bacterial and fungal infections on the skin. This phenomenon also helps in avoiding discomfort for the players during their training sessions or professional matches. These boxing gloves sparring are equipped with a lace-up closure system so they are fastened in a secure manner without having to fix them again and again during a fight.

If you are looking for a more trendy and modern look, the gold sparring gloves are a very suitable option for you. If you want to create a look more on the classical side, the black ones are a safe choice for you. These are hands down the best boxing sparring gloves you are going to come across.



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