How to Clean Boxing Gloves & Prevent from Odor?

how to clean boxing gloves

Do your boxing gloves smell bad and make you feel embarrassed? Thinking of discarding them and getting a new one? With proven deep-clean methods, you can happily retain your personalized boxing gloves. There have been many debates on how to clean boxing gloves earlier. You must have tried many different combinations with no fruitful results. We are here to share proven methods to make your combat experience more pleasing.

Are you ready to put on odor-free boxing gloves? Let’s get going.

Methods to prevent smell from Boxing Gloves

Smelly boxing gloves can create a bad impression. Obtaining new boxing gloves in such a situation isn’t a permanent solution. You will eventually face the same situation in a new one after a certain time.

So, what’s the effective way of doing it? Before jumping into the solution, knowing what causes boxing gloves to smell is essential. 

Common causes of Odor

Boxing gloves are the basic requirement of every boxer. As a boxer, you can not think of combat or training without one. Frequent use and lack of care can cause boxing gloves to cause odor.

 It is customary to encounter issues like odor or bacteria after some time. There are a few prominent elements that cause odor in boxing gloves. 

  1. Sweat 

It is common to get sweat on your hands during intense workouts, training, or combat. Sweat in your hands will be absorbed in the padding or lining of your boxing gloves. The protein and salt present in sweat will create an environment for conducive odor-causing bacteria.

  1. Bacteria growth

Constant sweat can feed bacteria to grow inside the boxing gloves. Also, bacteria can be on your hands if you haven’t washed your hands before wearing gloves. The warm and moist interior of boxing gloves will accelerate the growth of bacteria. 

  1. Moisture

The moisture-wicking feature that fascinates you the most can be the cause of smelly gloves. The absorbed moisture in boxing gloves can promote bacterial growth. Also, synthetic or genuine leather can be blended to exacerbate the odor.

  1. Lack of ventilation

The close and heavy padding gloves provide hand protection but can result in smelly boxing gloves. You should allow your boxing gloves to air dry after every session.

  1. Poor material

Poor material and extra padding can cause boxing gloves to smell bad. You should avoid opting for low-quality and heavily padded gloves. 

Now that you know what causes the odor, it’s time to figure out how to prevent boxing gloves from smelling.

Preemptive measures

Taking timely measures will help you prevent odor in the boxing gloves. You should follow a hygiene regime as a boxer to eliminate the bacteria that cause odor. Follow the steps listed below to maintain good hygiene.

  1. Wash your hands properly before putting on boxing gloves.
  2. Wipe your hands to ensure no moisture is present.
  3. Wear hand wraps that will help absorb the moisture.
  4. You can also wear glove lining to prevent odor.

Wearing hand wraps or lining will also provide extra cushion and protection. Moreover, drying your boxing gloves after use will prevent the odor. 

Easy cleaning routine

Preventing odor calls for a deep clean routine. You need to keep in mind factors that cause bacteria and come up with a cleaning routine. If you’ve not created one, we are here to help you create it.

A to-do list to prevent odor in boxing gloves

  1. Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior and interior of boxing gloves. It will help you dry the moisture and dirt.
  2. Air dry for as long as possible. 
  3. Use a mild soap solution to wash boxing gloves. Do not machine wash your gloves.

Following this regime will help you prevent the odor. You should not use any hard detergent to get rid of odor instantly. Also, using hot water won’t kill bacteria but will only damage your boxing gloves.

Odor absorbing techniques

Smelly boxing gloves have become an issue among boxers. However, you can use various budget-friendly odor-absorbing techniques to fight it. Also, you can incorporate odor-absorbing material and techniques.

We have enlisted a few odor-absorbing elements that you can use to prevent odor.

  1. Scented pouches

You can opt for scented pouches to avoid the bad smell of boxing gloves. You can find scented pouches commonly used for boxing gloves. It can fit easily and has elements that can help prevent odor.

  1. Sachets

DIY ideas work best when you have a tight budget. You can create your sachet infused with mixed herbs, flowers, or potpourri. It will help you keep your boxing gloves fresh and odor free.

  1. Silica gel packs

You can use silica gel packs commonly found in shoe boxes to prevent the smell. Also, it will help bacteria to form inside the gloves.

  1. Coffee grounds

Refresh the scent of your boxing gloves with coffee grounds. Place a sachet or pouch of coffee grounds in boxing gloves to prevent the odor. 

  1. Cedar chips

Cedar chips will give you a pleasing wooden scent. You can easily prevent insects or bacteria in boxing gloves as well. 

DIY deodorizing solutions

Deodorizing spray is commonly used to prevent odor. However, you can now create your personalized spray to keep odor at bay. 

  1. Natural deodorizer

You can create a natural deodorizer spray with the natural oils of your choice. This budget-friendly option will freshen the scent of boxing gloves.

  1. Citrus peel sachet

Add citrus peel to the pouch and add in boxing gloves. It will give a fruity fragrance to your gloves and eliminate bacteria.

Creating a DIY deodorizer will save money and help create your natural fragrance. You can add coffee grounds, herbs, citrus peel, or essential oils to create a unique deodorizer.

Preventive maintenance

Maintaining boxing gloves requires frequent examination. You must watch for wear and tear issues that damage your boxing gloves. Also, keep your boxing gloves in a secure, heatless area to maximize lifespan.

It will help prevent moisture and odor. One of the crucial causes of odor can be sharing boxing gloves. It can eventually build an odor and can lead to hygiene issues. Do not share your boxing gloves, and try to prevent cross-contamination.

Did you know? The areas of boxing gloves that touch your skin the most are usually the smelliest. The padding and inner linings where sweat accumulates are prime spots for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.

Quick fixes

Some quick fixes and daily practices can save you from odor gloves. You can follow a regime after training or fight sessions to keep your gloves fresh and new. Here’s how you can achieve it.

  1. Use hand sanitizer or wipes before and after wearing gloves. 
  2. Keep your gloves in a ventilated area to prevent the odor. 
  3. Regularly wipe off your boxing gloves to increase their longevity and personal hygiene.

Quick fixes and good hygiene can be the simplest way to prevent the odor.

For more insights, go through these FAQs.


Can I machine wash my boxing gloves to get rid of the smell?

Machine wash is not a recommended choice for custom boxing gloves. You can opt for a hand wash option which is a much safer option.

Can I use regular household cleaning spray to eliminate odor?

Household spray can damage your boxing gloves. It might contain harmful chemicals to the exterior and interior of your gloves. 

Can I use scented sprays to mask the smell in my gloves?

Scented spray can be a temporary solution, but it can’t provide a permanent solution. It is best to deep clean and deodorize your boxing gloves.

Wrap up

Daily inspection is the simplest answer to how to clean boxing gloves and prevent odor. You need to follow a cleaning regime to avoid bacteria and odor to prevail. Preventing odor is easier than ever. You can get rid of odor quickly with various DIY and proper maintenance.

However, your custom boxing gloves must be of quality. At Boxing Shop USA, you can now use high-powered boxing gloves. Unleash the fighter in you and train hard like never before. As with the practice mentioned above, you now know how to prevent boxing gloves from smelling!

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