Fight Vests

Custom Fight Vests

These are the special types of vests used in combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai, martial arts, etc. Fight vests are categorized into several other types depending on their purpose and use.

Types of Fight Vests

Generally, fight vests are categorized into three main types that are training vests, ring wear vests, and sparring vests. As their names individually suggest, training vests are used by beginners or professionals while training. Whereas, ring wear vests are worn in the ring during professional matches and competitions. Lastly, the sparring vests are specifically used for sparring matches and training sessions. The boxing vests, according to their use and purpose, can be heavily or lightly lined with foam padding. They are mostly used to provide protection to players against kicks, punches, strikes, foot jabs, and knees. Some institutions or places have assigned special colors to vests in order to differentiate between amateur and professional players.You will find all types of boxing vests and custom boxing shorts made of the best quality material at the Boxing Shop USA. You can also get yourself custom boxing vests made through our website.

Features of Customized Fight Wear

  • Premium-quality materials with impeccable finishing and stitching
  • Wide range of colors to match your personal taste
  • Keep you relax and at ease throughout training sessions & fights
  • Eliminating the hassle of constant adjustment during martial arts fights
  • Designed to facilitate unrestricted movement during matches
  • Durable, comfortable, and stylish but also remarkably affordable

Make Your Own Custom Boxing Shorts and Vest

What you wear and how you carry yourself can make all the difference in the way you perform in the game. If you walk confidently into the ring with a present mind, you have already won half of the match. Ever thought about what could give someone that much confidence? If you wear something that makes you be at your best in the ring, it can do wonders for your game. Everybody has to wear pretty much the same gear to the match, but what will make you stand out and get you in that winning mindset is your personalized boxing gear. Did you know you could get your own custom boxing shorts and vest at the Boxing Shop USA? The process is really simple. All you got to do is get us your design through the customization section on our website and we will get it printed for you on your custom boxing vests or shorts.

Wholesale Fighting Vests

Affordable Fighting Vests

The Boxing Shop USA offers its customers special prices for all custom fight wear. We have got huge collections of different varieties of personalized fighting vests made of premium quality materials. You can check out the collections at our online shop.

Design Your Own Fight Vests

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