Custom BJJ Gi

The emergence of BJJ gi was a result of the progression of Judo gi from Japan to Brazil. The BJJ gi is shorter and fitter than the Judo gi adapted according to the need of the techniques used in the game.

Types of BJJ Gi

It has several types such as beginner BJJ gi, lightweight BJJ gi, double weave BJJ gi, competition BJJ gi, travel BJJ gi, premium BJJ gi, etc.

A beginner custom BJJ gi is made for someone who wants to try out the sport before investing in a premium one. It is generally lesser in price and not of really high quality, stitching, or fit.

Lightweight gis are the best for traveling or summer training sessions. Since they are lighter in weight, there is a risk of them tearing apart easily so they demand a lot of care. Good stitching may help last it a bit longer though.

Double weave gis is not commonly used because they are really heavy which makes it difficult for the opponent to grab the player. That is why they are said to be made like tanks. Their heavy weight does not allow much movement, so most players do not favor them.

Competition BJJ gis is specially designed for tournaments or professional matches. They are made of high-quality material so they do not come apart very easily which is why their cost is higher than other types of BJJ gis.

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Cost-Effective Wholesale BJJ Gi

Wholesale products are usually less costly than retail ones. So without any compromise on the quality of gis, the Boxing Shop USA brings its customers wholesale BJJ gi at the most cost-effective and affordable price range. This way you can get your hands on the most exclusive custom fight wear without being too heavy on your pocket.

Wholesale BJJ Gi

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The Biggest Wholesale BJJ Gi Suppliers    

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