What is the perfect size of boxing gloves for me?

The size of boxing gloves is very subjective to your personal needs and wants. It mainly depends on your weight and the kind of boxing you want to engage in. If you can’t figure out the best fit, then you can check an online guide you can check out this boxing gloves guide.

What size (oz) boxing gloves are best for training/competition?

If you weigh between 150lb – 180lb, typically you’ll wear 14-16 oz gloves. However, for a more comprehensive outlook, you can check out our online boxing gloves size chart.

What should I look for in boxing gloves as a beginner?

Ensure that your boxing gloves are the right size and weight i.e. fit you snugly and provide protection for your hands, wrist, and metacarpals. Moreover, purchase boxing gloves depending upon your choice of combat.

How do I choose the best boxing gloves for me?

There are three facets you need to consider before you decide on a glove i.e. comfort, safety, and durability. You should opt for gloves that are made particularly for your preferred choice of combat sport. The next thing to do is to do a comparative analysis of the gloves available in your budget.

What boxing gloves are best suited for beginners and novices?

If you are just starting out, then it is unwise to spend a great deal of money on a pair of gloves. A smart and sustainable choice would be to get good quality yet affordable gloves from Boxing Shop USA. Then as you get more experienced, you can get premium and custom ones made exclusively for you.

What are the preferred boxing glove sizes for younger children new to boxing?

Youth boxing gloves are made exclusively for this incentive. Typically, lighter in weight i.e. weighing around 10oz for a good start for the young boxing enthusiast.

What is the major difference between gloves designed for Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai?

Every combat sport has its unique techniques and thus its gloves are designed for optimal performance according to that. They may vary in materials and padding depending on the sport. Boxing gloves are made to cater to cushion blows all while providing wrist support whereas Muay Thai gloves are made for grappling and clinching techniques.  Moreover, MMA gloves are made particularly keeping grappling in mind.

What boxing gloves are preferred by professionals?

Pros usually wear lace-up gloves for a custom fit. However, they need help from someone usually a coach/trainer to tie them up as compared to regular slip-on gloves.

What are the best gloves for sparring?

Sparring gloves are generally lighter as compared to other variants. There is an increased risk of injuries are the gloves have less padding.

Should I buy lace-up gloves or not?

It all comes down to your professional goals and personal preferences. If you entering a professional tournament, then lace-up gloves are your best bet.

Should boxing gloves feel tight?

Boxing gloves should fit you snugly without feeling tight or restricted. They should allow full mobility when you clench or unclench your hand. Remember that you will probably wear hand wraps under your gloves so keep that in mind when you are purchasing your gloves.

Are heaver boxing gloves better?

Heavier boxing gloves let you train longer as they provide more protection and shock absorption. However, if you are a beginner we suggest you start easy and light and level up with time.

Can I get bulk boxing gloves at wholesale prices?

Boxing Shop USA provides premium quality boxing gear in bulk quantities at affordable prices which makes it a win-win situation. You can see our diverse product portfolio and get anything you might need for your boxing journey.

Can I get custom boxing gloves and gear?

We provide customization of all sorts of boxing gear and apparel to strive for the best quality and customer service.


How do I clean my boxing gloves without damaging them?

You can clean your boxing gloves in a myriad of ways. The most popular and practiced way out there is the “Freezer method” where you put your gloves in a plastic bag in the freezer and leave it there overnight. You can also clean your gloves using special cleaning sprays or liquids.  

Can I clean my boxing gloves using a washing machine?

NO! you should never try to clean your boxing gloves using a washing machine as it will damage and destroy them.

How can I increase the lifespan of my boxing gloves?

The key tip to making your boxing gloves last long is to keep them in a dry and cool place as a wet environment can cause the growth of bacteria. This can destroy your gloves thus it’s recommended that you stuff them with crumpled paper or special inserts called ‘Glove Dogs’ to keep them moisture-free.

What is the longevity of our gloves?

Boxing Sop USA only uses premium quality materials and manufacturing methods for a top-notch product that is considered a sustainable investment. You can keep it in your gear for longer and train for years before you repurchase a new pair again.

How do I break in my new boxing gloves?

New gloves can be hard or easy to break into depending upon the materials of the gloves used. Our gloves are really easy to break in as we only use high-grade materials.