The Ultimate Upgrade: How Boxing Can Take Your Professional Boxing to the Next Level

Transform your professional boxing skills

With premium heavyweights and connected mitts that monitor your progress, these top-notch custom boxing gloves can end your monotonous workout routine.

Sometimes all it takes to reinvent your training is a little physicality. Boxing and combat sports are excellent forms of physical training because they combine elements of cardio, strength, and agility training into one routine. But you need the right equipment to throw those high-intensity haymakers efficiently and safely.

A good set of boxing gloves is one such essential piece of gear. These padded accessories come in a variety of weights to provide the utmost comfort and safety during practice and competition. Furthermore, gloves have developed along with combat sports, with a variety of models and styles catered to particular combat disciplines like Muay Thai, Custom MMA gloves, and others.

We worked out with amateur boxer Mike Kocjancic, a coach at American Top Team Happy Valley in central Pennsylvania, to determine which boxing gloves are the best. But the most important thing we discovered was that it pays to know exactly what to look for in a glove before you start punching your way through an efficient training session.

The Scientific Method 

Science has been used to describe many different types of boxing, but the science that underlies the techniques has long been contested. This is not to say that boxing is or is not a typical application of science, only that the application in some cases is not accurate.

The interesting scientific implications prompt an analyst to debate which aspects are variations of scientific methods and which are physical altercations.

The outcomes that the methods produce serve as the deciding factor. When applied consistently, a scientific approach would yield similar results; a simple fighting strategy would yield unpredictable results. This is the origin of the notion of boxing as a science and the evidence that still backs it up.

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What to Look for in Boxing Gloves

You should think about how you want to use your boxing gloves before starting your fight camp. There are a few things to think about, and they can all affect how your training goes.

Fit and Function

These two elements are, in Kocjancic’s opinion, the most crucial ones to take into account when selecting a suitable set of boxing gloves. Each brand of gloves has a suitable sizing chart that takes into account a user’s height, weight, or hand circumference. Gloves are sized according to their weight, which is expressed in ounces. The more padding that is highlighted in the build, the heavier the glove.

Kocjancic emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your instructor because glove weight is not only chosen for your safety but also for the safety of other students in your class. Larger fighters are typically advised to use heavier gloves, such as a 16-ounce mitt. 

While following a brand’s size chart should result in a snug, comfortable fit, Kocjancic emphasizes that this can also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your gear. 

Additionally, you should look for boxing gloves with ventilation, strong stitching, and an ergonomic, cozy fit over your hand because, after all, what use is a protected fist if it’s uncomfortable?

Lace-Up vs. Hook-and-Loop Boxing Gloves

Kocjancic advises sticking with hook-and-loop gloves because they are simpler to put on and take off than the ones Floyd Mayweather or Tyson Fury are sporting. These alternatives can still give your wrists a ton of support without requiring a devoted training partner or coach to lace up your mitts each time you want to throw a punch.

How We Tested

We put several of these premium boxing gloves to the test in the gym, taking note of each glove’s features, comfort level, and durability. We sweat through the jabs and punches under Kocjancic’s direction, getting a feel for each boxing glove through bag work, shadowboxing, and other activities. Let’s get started by getting you ready for your upcoming round.

T3 Boxing Gloves

The T3s from is the top of the line if you want your boxing training to start strong. These boxing gloves, which come in a variety of colors, have an exterior made of Vylar-engineered leather, which is strong and secure. Kocjancic points out that the Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a one-two punch of support, and that the exceptional breathability makes it ideal for prolonged bag sessions. When you start to sweat, you can conveniently use the microfiber thumb to wipe your face clean of beads. Although these premium boxing mitts cost more than similar gloves, the quality of the materials used in their construction cannot be disputed.

Evo Boxing Gloves

Strike confidently with Evo boxing gloves. Boasting a microfiber polyurethane casing, these mitts are designed to last round after round. For bag work and other sessions, four layers of natural foam provide the protection you need, and a perforated palm keeps each punch and jab as cool as the last. 

Training Gloves

The one-piece construction made it simple for me to form that knockout-ready fist, and when I tightened it up, the wrist’s Boxing Shop USA reinforcement provided excellent support. The single hook-and-loop closure was the only drawback because it could be tricky to use to give the feeling of being locked in. Other than that, one of the most reputable brands in the industry offers a great option in the Everlast Elite series.

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