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Custom Wrestling Ear Guards

To wear or not to wear the custom wrestling ear guards is the question here. The answer would be variable for each wrestler/boxer depending upon their preferences. It might be important for some, but not for most. The ears are a sensitive body part and become prone to injury because they are positioned on both sides of the head. Thus it is necessary that you get custom boxing gear i.e. ear guards for optimal protection. 

Wrestling Ear Guards

The wrestling ear guards are a part of the boxing headgear that comes in different designs and qualities. They are not deemed so important by some professionals because they tend to block the lateral view of the fighter. They are not deliberately designed to do so, but they happen to in some cases. This is the reason they are not preferred by many.Ear guards work uniquely for each player. A design that may work for one player might not work for the other. So wearing or not wearing an ear guard, or the preferred design is a subjective choice for everyone. Some players prefer wearing ear guards only during training, but they are compulsory during matches in some places.There are some techniques as well which can be used while fighting to avoid punches on the ears but of course, they are not always going to work.Some custom wrestling ear guards are designed with holes in them so the players can listen to the instructions given by their coach while training or fighting in a match.


Custom Wrestling Ear Protection

Custom boxing protective gear should always be the first priority of a fighter. Wearing a custom wrestling ear guard is always a plus as it gives extra protection to the ears and reduces the probability of injury that may lead to cauliflower ear or hearing impairment. A wrestling ear guard has padding inside it that helps absorbs shocks given by punches on the head, neck, or shoulders, or falling on the head. Wearing wrestling ear protection shields a player’s hearing capability. It helps a wrestler fight for a longer period of time while minimizing the risk of injury.

Wholesale wrestling ear guards

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ear Protectors Wrestling

The straps of the bjj ear guards should not be fastened too tight as it will end up restricting the blood flow around the brain and ears. Neither it should be too loose that it does not stay in its place with reduced shock absorption. A loose one will also be a nuisance for the player. It is really important to find a wrestling ear guard with great quality that doesn’t cause discomfort and fits perfectly around your head.

Best Wrestling Ear Guards

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