Taekwondo Gis

Custom Taekwondo Gi

A Taekwondo Gi or a Taekwondo uniform is commonly known as a Dobok in Japanese. A custom Taekwondo gi consists of a two-piece ensemble that includes a V-neck cotton open jacket that can be tied together with a belt. The top will usually be very simple, minimal, and white in color. It is paired with pants that have an elasticized waist.

Boxing Shop USA offers martial arts kimonos for a diverse audience i.e. it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and variations depending upon the combat style.

Significance of Custom Taekwondo Gis

All form of martial arts requires that the practitioners wear the staple gear during training and combat. As all martial arts uniforms are designed with some particular goals in mind.

A universal Taekwondo uniform ensures that everyone is considered equal despite their caste, creed, color, or social status. The only thing that sets you apart is your talent and drive for the art. The uniform is the same for everyone however the belts and what they stand for are a whole other story.

The belts signify a rank system and all practitioners get to wear a specific belt depending on their skill level. Most people start their Taekwondo career with a white belt. However, your belt changes as your level elevate.

For custom Taekwondo Gis can be tied with a red belt if you are at the 2nd kup level and it can be tied with a black belt if you are at the 1st dan level.


Customized Taekwondo Gis

The core purpose of Taekwondo Gis is to allow free mobility and agility without hampering any movement. Thus, you should invest in Customized Taekwondo Gi that fit you perfectly and don’t restrict your movement.

Moreover, depending upon your mastery level and the weather you need to invest in appropriate gear i.e. Taekwondo Gis or Custom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis. Otherwise, your purchase will be a waste and you’ll need to get the appropriate one again.

Wholesale Taekwondo Gis

Best bulk Taekwondo Gis

Boxing Shop USA specializes in providing supreme bulk Taekwondo Gis that will set you apart! The weave of our specially designed ensembles is unmatched in terms of quality, breathability, and durability.

Our custom Taekwondo Gis are a hit among both professional martial artists and people who are starting out owing to the sheer number of advantages like economical price, long life span, and premium quality materials.

Wholesale Taekwondo Gis at affordable prices

A gi is a definite necessity for taekwondo and Boxing Shop USA has made it possible to get premium Taekwondo attire at the most cost-efficient prices without any compromise on quality.

 If you own a center that specializes in martial arts, then you are at the right place! Boxing Shop USA is a hub for deluxe quality fabrication that stands the test of time.

Our stitching and finishing details are unmatched and the practitioner’s uniform or custom boxing gloves won’t tear or split during the fight.

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