Custom Kimonos

A martial arts uniform or Gi is commonly referred to as a kimono for building context for a layman. Whereas in actuality, different martial arts have their own Gis.

Whether you call training attire custom kimonos or a gi, Boxing Shop USA has you sorted in this regard. Our product portfolio caters to a wide audience and you can buy Taekwondo Gis, Karate Gis, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis from us.

Difference between kimonos and a Gi

The literal meaning of kimono is a ‘thing to wear’ in Japanese. It is deemed the national dress of Japan and these patterned and colorful ensembles are most prevalent among women and children.

Whereas a gi is a training ensemble for martial artists. The word ‘Gi’ is a derivative of ‘keikogi’ (Keiko means practice and gi means gear) which literally translates to training attire.

In the online sphere, both words are used interchangeably to make things easy for the prospective consumer.


Need for custom kimonos for various Martial Arts

White, black, and blue are the three primary colors for kimonos. A quintessential kimono is white in color but it can be black or hues of blue depending upon numerous factors. The color may be decided in order to distinguish rank among peers or depending upon a specific federation’s rules.

Moreover, every martial art i.e. Karate, Jiu jitsu, MMA or kickboxing, etc. has its own standardized gi and you should opt for one that is required for your preferred combat style.

Boxing Shop USA has made it its mission to provide you with custom kimonos on your martial arts journey. Whether you are a beginner who wants a single weave gi or someone who wants to take it up a notch with a luxe weave we have you sorted in all aspects.

wholesale kimonos

Premium fabrication of bulk kimonos

Boxing Shop USA prides itself on manufacturing custom boxing gear that offers the best quality, durability, and longevity. Our kimonos won’t rip or tear during training or combat.

The weight and weave of our bulk kimonos elevate your comfort level and enable you to excel in your preferred choice of sport.

In theory, a kimono needs to be sturdy and functional to perfect self-defense techniques and our kimonos are the perfect blend of all these prerequisite factors.

Wholesale kimonos for bulk orders 

Most reputable and professional martial arts studios provide gis or kimonos to their students themselves in order to maintain uniformity and discipline. Thus, if you are looking to stock up on necessary gear for your pupils, Boxing Shop USA has a diverse array of wholesale kimonos available.

If you buy our already cost-effective kimonos in bulk quantities, you might get an added discount too! So what are you waiting for? Rush to our website to buy the best kimonos or custom boxing gloves in the market at extremely affordable rates.  


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