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Custom Boxing Paddles

In most trainers’ and fighters’ opinions, boxing paddles or pads are much more effective than focus mitts. Both of them serve pretty much the same purpose, which is improving speed and accuracy, but the focus mitts are much lighter in weight and provide lesser protection to the hands.Custom focus mitts are helpful for a beginner until a limit. When he gets better at the punching game, focus mitts are not much of use then. Boxing paddles can be used for a much longer span of time.

The Use of Custom Boxing Paddles

Custom boxing paddles come in various shapes and sizes. They are designed in such a way that there is a heavily padded surface with a handle attached to one end of it. The coach holds the boxing paddle at the handle and lets the fighter punch on it.The handle due to its longer length provides more room along with the padded surface to absorb the shocks and reduces the impact of strikes and punches on the trainer’s hands. It also gives the opportunity to improve defensive work such as slipping or rolling below.There are several things to be considered when holding a boxing paddle. The first thing is that it should not be held too far from the fighter, a head width away is the ideal distance.Secondly, the target must not be held too loosely as it will be more similar to shadow boxing or punching a hanging curtain. This can cast a negative effect on the performance and results of the player.Thirdly, create a balance between focusing on defense and offense. Practicing defense is equally important for the player and benefits them in the long run so the trainers should throw some punches while training in order to build on defense as well.

Features of Customized Fight Wear

  • Premium-quality materials with impeccable finishing and stitching
  • Wide range of colors to match your personal taste
  • Keep you relax and at ease throughout training sessions & fights
  • Eliminating the hassle of constant adjustment during martial arts fights
  • Designed to facilitate unrestricted movement during matches
  • Durable, comfortable, and stylish but also remarkably affordable

Build Custom Boxing Paddles

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Wholesale Boxing Paddles

Get Customized Boxing Paddles

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