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Custom MMA Sparring Gloves

Sparring is a free-form type of training in which the fighters practice to improve their strikes, punches, footwork, movement, and defense techniques. The trainees imitate boxing moves without landing heavy blows.

This type of training is a prerequisite to many combat sports. It is more about the opponent’s safety. However, the players do have to wear protective gear such as custom sparring gloves in this form of training as well.  

The Difference between Training Gloves and Sparring Gloves

Although sparring itself is a form of training, the gloves used in it are very different from the custom MMA gloves but most people do not understand their difference and keep confusing them.

The training gloves are built to enhance the punching power and protect the fighters’ hands. They have extra padding in them that is typically softer and therefore, less durable. So it is best to use them when hitting punching bags or mitts.

The custom sparring gloves, on the other hand, are designed to protect the opposing player from harm. They do not have much padding at the back of the hand and are more long-lasting than training gloves.


Finding the Perfectly Fitting MMA Sparring Gloves

Getting a perfectly fitting pair of Custom MMA sparring gloves is crucial to performing well in the game. A wrong fit may cause blisters or the skin to tear apart along with low performance.

One must try on different pairs before deciding which one to buy. The right pair of sparring boxing gloves do not have to be too tight or too loose. It should be just the one where your hands feel the most comfortable.

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Things to Consider While Buying Sparring Boxing Gloves

There are several things one should consider while buying a boxing gloves sparring set such as the type of stitching, material, type of wrist straps, etc.

The boxing gloves sparring set made using the chain stitch method is usually very durable when it comes to tough training sessions. It does not let them rip apart that easily.

A variety of materials are used in making custom boxing gloves, mostly leather, foam, faux leather, or some other synthetic materials. Pure leather can wear off quite easily, so usually, the best choice to go with is gloves made using a mix of leather and synthetics. Even the ones made of leather have different grades and qualities.

Two types of wrist wraps are used in sparring gloves, which are Velcro or lace-up. Sometimes Velcro may loosen up with time. So it is important to look for wrist straps that remain secure over time and are adjustable.

Get Yourself the Best Boxing Sparring Gloves

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