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Custom MMA Gloves

The MMA gloves used in MMA are very different from the ones used in standard boxing. While both kinds of gloves aim to provide maximum protection to the participants, one of the major differences between them is that the MMA ones are open at the fingers because they are also used for grappling.

Uses and Types of MMA Gloves

There are three main types of custom MMA gloves categorized according to their usage.

Competition gloves are used in official competitions and their padding can be 4 oz for professionals to 6 oz. for amateur players.

Custom MMA sparring gloves are generally used for sparring exercises and weigh about 7 oz. These are heavier than competition gloves because they need to provide more protection to the fighters.

Grappling gloves are used for training purposes. They are the least padded so they provide more room for free hand movement when necessary.

While the MMA boxing gloves do protect the fighters’ hands from injury, it is debated whether boxing gloves cause more serious damage to the brain or the mma ones. Some professionals say it is the boxing gloves that cause more damage because they are heavily cushioned and distribute the impact of the punch at all places as compared to the mma boxing gloves that are not enclosed at the fingers.   

The gloves used in mma are said to cause more superficial damage such as bruises, cuts, and lacerations since they are more rigid and thinner. They do obviously provide protection to the bones and joints and allow the fighter to strike with full power.


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Wholesale MMA Gloves

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