Nelson Mandela: The First Boxing President of All Time

nelson mandela boxer

While many people know Nelson Mandela as a former president of South Africa and a global icon of social justice, a lesser-known fact is his deep passion for boxing. You might be wondering, ‘Was Nelson Mandela a boxer?’ The answer is yes, he was. His involvement with the sport extended beyond mere followership, as he […]

Can you wear boxing gloves without wraps?

boxing gloves without wraps

Can you wear boxing gloves without wraps? It’s a question that often arises in the world of combat sports. We are here to debunk all the myths about hand wraps. From its sizing to whether hand wraps are effective, you are about to get answers to all. Wearing hand wraps are very much part of […]

How to Learn Boxing at Home without Equipment

how to learn boxing at home without equipment

Have you wondered what it will be like learning boxing without equipment? There are many out there, like juggling, with which boxing equipment can help polish combat skills. With abundant equipment available, you might search for how to learn boxing at home without equipment. It is surprising to see what home boxing would look like […]

How to Clean Boxing Gloves & Prevent from Odor?

how to clean boxing gloves

Do your boxing gloves smell bad and make you feel embarrassed? Thinking of discarding them and getting a new one? With proven deep-clean methods, you can happily retain your personalized boxing gloves. There have been many debates on how to clean boxing gloves earlier. You must have tried many different combinations with no fruitful results. […]

Defend Like a Pro: 5 Tips and the Role of Custom Boxing Gear

Boxing Gear

Stepping into the ring requires more than just courage; it demands the skill to Defend Like a Pro. While the art of defense is honed over years of experience, it’s equally about being equipped with the best. Our quality custom boxing gear is designed to complement your skills, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in […]

Magnify Your Punching Power With Effective Boxing Tips

Boxing Tips

Ever wanted to deliver punches that thrash your opponents in a single blow? With the right boxing tips and years of experience, you can achieve such expertise. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can still give your opponents a run for their money. One of the secrets? Mighty custom boxing gloves with distinctive patterns […]

7 Common Boxing Mistakes and How to Avoid

Boxing Mistakes

Stepping into the boxing ring with a trusted coach? Making errors is natural, but continuous boxing mistakes can shake a boxer’s confidence. Remember, it’s not just about the right equipment – technique and guidance from an experienced trainer matter. Nevertheless, looking for quality custom boxing equipment can never be wasteful. You can enjoy wearing premium […]

Customized Boxing Gloves: Where Style Meets Safety

Boxing Gloves

Over time, boxing gloves have evolved a lot to combine lightweight comfort with aesthetic appeal, making them perfect for the user. Explore our collection of customized boxing gloves at Boxing Shop USA, designed not just for style but also to ensure your safety. The history and development of protective gear in boxing has always centered […]

4 reasons why custom boxing gloves are the epitome of fitness

Custom Fitness Boxing Gloves

Juggling between perfect fitness tools? There is no need to over-complicate it. You can get the best quality custom boxing gloves to simplify your fitness routine. The standard gears used for intense training are no longer required. You don’t have to opt for heavy-duty equipment for training. Custom boxing gears are now more sturdy. Also, […]