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Boxing Shop USA is a one-stop shop for a divergent array of custom boxing gear, fight wear, and all sorts of accessories. We bring your aesthetic vision to life with our 360° customization process. We can design your fight gear and wear in any way you particularly want. Whether you want your favorite quote, company logo, minimal or maximalist pattern, or any kind of patch or embroidery we can do it all for you! Our easy-to-use designer makes the customization options hassle-free and easy to use. Moreover, we ensure that our ERP system works impeccably for the best products for our clientele.

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Whether you are just starting out your career in the ring or considered a veteran, we have you sorted from your beginner to pro journey. Ranging from custom boxing gloves, headgear, gis, and fight apparel to novelty products like knuckle guards, jump ropes, and boxing shirts, we have got it all in one place!

At Boxing Shop USA, we believe in the ethos that is a certain magic that happens when a fighter puts his hand into a boxing glove and wears his emblem shirt that’ll make him stand out among the crowd! We hope to inspire others with our craft and make boxing gear accessible to everyone who is ready to test their limit and feel the power!