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Modern and premium quality boxing gloves and boxing gear are only one step away from you. Step into the world of custom boxing gear with an advanced online customizer that lets you design custom boxing gloves with assistance in design and style. Get discounts on bulk boxing gloves made of top-grain natural leather and outstanding intelligent padding technology. 

The gloves come in multiple varieties and finish options and can be designed to match your custom fight wear.

With our Boxing Shop USA, you can add customized logos, pictures, slogans, and more to your boxing gear; customization is no end.  Anything of your design can be imprinted in different regions of the boxing gear and gloves, including the front, rear, wrist, and lower back of the custom boxing gloves

At Boxing Shop USA, the boxing gloves are manufactured in children to adult sizes – for sparring, training, and pro-fight competitions. 


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Without a doubt, a boxing day or a day at the gym can be tough and draining; that rings true for even the top-tier fighters, athletes, and enthusiasts. There is a reason behind boxing being one of the oldest sports in the world –hands-on combat is the finest way to demonstrate your strength, intelligence, and agility. 

If you are a pro fighter or train at your local boxing gym for a hard-wearing workout, Boxing Shop USA has a massive premium line of custom boxing gear. Do ditch those old smelly tools and invest in an array of premium boxing accessories and gloves in the real deal. 

At our Boxing Shop USA , we manufacture everything from the best custom boxing gear, gloves, and equipment to other boxing essentials – and when we say ‘best,’ we mean the best that money could buy. 

Trying on our custom boxing gloves and gear will have you waiting for your next fight or training session. 


Get your hands on the premium quality and intelligently padded customized boxing gloves now!

Our Boxing Shop USA offers custom boxing gear for fitness, fighting, and training, including amateur competition gear. In addition to our Professional boxing gloves, we also offer custom fitness wear to help you look and feel your best while working out. Our gear is made with top-quality materials and can be customized to your specifications.

Plus, you can choose any model and get in Velcro or lace-up closure designs – appreciate quality with the epitome of class.


Our gear is designed and follows the international boxing bodies’ guidelines and safety measures – so there is one less thing for you to worry about. Our gear comes with affiliations and certifications from the governing bodies, so there is never a chance of compromising quality. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get massive discounts on bulk and single product orders. Contact us for more information and guidance. 

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